Welcome to Becker Navigator® 2.0

Becker Navigator® 2.0 is a seamless, automated tool that monitors and tracks the CPA Exam preparation and CPA Exam progress of your CPA candidates. Whether they're new to the firm or they've fallen off pace because of competing priorities or procrastination, Navigator® 2.0 encourages and motivates your CPA candidates to get on course and stay there.

Becker Navigator® 2.0 equips you with everything you need to monitor the progress and manage the performance of your candidates to ensure they complete their preparation and exams on schedule. In addition, candidates can track key dates and milestones, avoid procrastination and pass the exam in a timely manner.

This tool is available at no cost to Becker Direct Bill partners as a part of our continuing effort to deliver value-add services. Navigator® 2.0 includes a full complement of tracking tools, communications and reports to inform you and your CPA candidates of progress made and next steps needed at any given moment.

If you would like more information on how Becker Navigator® 2.0 can benefit your firm, please contact your Becker representative.

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